About Baraka

Baraka is an ICT and professional services company delivering enterprise technology infrastructure solutions and business consultancy services, in the Southern Africa market. We deliver world-class ICT products, solutions and consulting services for business challenges across a range of industries, including the public sector, utilities, financial services, and other industrial sectors. The company’s activities are delivered across the provinces of South Africa, and are evolving to target the African continent and other off-shore locations as the business grows.

Baraka has emerged as one of the more dynamic young companies in the South African ICT market. The company has been operating since 2003, and now enjoys relative market success and brand recognition. Our track record has grown in the SAP ERP, Networking and Enterprise Systems competencies, delivering large and complex projects for our customers. Staff headcount stands at over 100, distributed across our multiple offices in South Africa. Over the past several years, Baraka has invested aggressively in staff technical skills training. Now the company is able to attract and retain skilled IT specialists, and as a result enjoys the custom of some of the larger organizations, particularly in the public sector. Baraka has been involved in delivering some of the higher profile ICT projects in the country, which has been critical in developing our organizational competency and confidence in managing and delivering complex IT projects.

Our Strategic Partnerships